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It's going to be stormy. We had better not delay.

I swear, John.

I'm glad Hein is at home.

Wilmer is stuttering.

They apologized for the inconvenience.


That's a very common phrase where I come from.

I didnt know they had real bears in the city, so it was cute to watch them!

You'll regret doing this.

I'll have it up and running in no time.

It was effective.

I can eat it in here.

The sad story made my heart ache.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

It looks like you had a tough day.

Somebody missed the dog.

Wash blood with blood.

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Olson is moving back in with us.

It seems easy.

Have you ever phoned Marika?

I assume Dustin will eventually be arrested for what he did.

Amos thought Heather was coming back.

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Sandy says he can't hear anything.

My mother put thirteen candles on my birthday cake.

I don't have a problem with Lanny doing that.


Automobiles are made in factories.

I have to speak with her.

How was the weather yesterday?

What's the admission charge?

The map's legend shows what each symbol stands for.

Come on, you have to tell us.

We have to think of something else.

Andreas and Mott are back together.

Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?

He went to school to study yesterday.

I didn't need to paint the fence.


Jeffrey glanced at the book.

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This is grass-fed organic beef.

She kept on talking.

My father was busy.

I don't know whether he's a college student or not.

When a woman is united with the male, she becomes creative, when she isn't united with the male, she becomes destructive.

I sharpen the knife.

I want everything that's not working fixed.


I've already had something to eat.

We can smell an odor of tobacco in this bedroom.

Can you tell me more about them?

The cultures of the world are now becoming rather similar.

When you are driving, you should make way for ambulances.

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We got scared and killed them.

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I'm such a loser.

Did they ever play in Italy?

What I don't understand is why the children aren't being allowed to play outside on such a nice day.

We make decisions together.

Sooner or later I'll take a hammer and I'll destroy everything I'll see.

Susan shined her father's shoes.

You're obsessed.


I never read the book.

I thought Vilhelm would use Antonella's office.

No one came.

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Oliver argued with Christofer about the matter.

How can I find Elric?

When Adams was very young he showed a talent for doing math. He could do very difficult math problems in his head.

We're glad to see you.

Where did you get all this information?

Will a day come when we see them overthrown?

We must always consider the public interest.

But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.

It's a wildlife sanctuary.

What I want to know are the facts.

Cows like to eat grass.

Few girls can even speak to him.

She walked out on her boyfriend after three years of abuse.

How much fire insurance do you have?

Our apprehensions were justified.

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They should have stopped while they had the chance.


I lost my temper.


Four hundred and sixteen Chinese Olympic athletes are in Rio.

The editor and the publisher are both my cousins.

Apple trees bloom in spring.


It is merely a matter of form.


Beckie returned from a week in Boston.

It isn't so hot today.

You need to have quick reactions to play these computer games.

When Aunt Chuck passed away without making a will, her death was a total loss.

Aren't you a little hot?

That's why I'm telling you not to go alone.

Maybe you can tell me where I can find Arne.

Don't be long.

Rafik doesn't even know what I want.

Perhaps you should call Loren.

Tareq took a day off.

I noticed her the moment she got off the bus.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.


Things seem to be spiralling out of control for Novo. His friends agree that he has hit rock bottom.

Don't pass me over.

You've seen their new house, haven't you? What's it like?

We have to wait until we have more information.

Jordan is an old friend of mine.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

I wish there was an easy way to fix this.

As soon as you contact your friends, tell them that an avalanche is coming.

A girl appeared before me.

She reproached me for not answering the letter.


It shouldn't be much longer.

Most would acknowledge that he was a sparkling young man.

Seika came into the room pushing a small cart with a pot and a tea set resting on it.

She wants to lose weight because she is overweight.

She looked surprised.

Robin noticed Erik wasn't wearing the ring he'd given her.

You're being contentious.

The stars are shining very brightly in the sky tonight.

I stopped smoking once and for all.

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Many atheists are stridently anti-religion.

Dori could've stayed at my place.

Jim certainly is good-looking.


The lawyer believed in his client's innocence.


His explanation was not satisfactory.


It was true that she had gotten married twice.

We're filled to the rafters.

I'll go anywhere with you.

I've dreamed of this day.

What you need is a friend.

Recently there have been a lot of protests in the city.

If there were no such thing as display in the world, my private opinion is, and I hope you agree with me, that we might get on a great deal better than we do, and might be infinitely more agreeable company than we are.

I said I was sad.

Po refused to do so.


Being poor is expensive.

At present they are working for a big company in England.

I hope everyone has arrived safely.


You must make your own decisions.

Masanobu sought solace in the bottle after he and Space broke up.

Why not go to Boston?

I thought you'd end up going to the party with Claudio.

I hope that Geoff will arrive soon.

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I want to have fun.

Even if a hedgehog, a mole, an otter, a rabbit or an opossum look like a rodent, they aren't.

Why is Brandon in such high spirits today?

His house and mine are adjacent.

It's a bit cold today.

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

I think you'll be very pleased.


Sharon is in the kitchen.

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That gave me a lot of pleasure.

Where do I sign up?

Del wouldn't have made it on time if he hadn't run.

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It's as true as death.

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Victoria is a florist.

I just wish we could leave this horrible place.

No one panicked.

Ken wasn't running.

Wheels turn on axles.


How did you know I was going to say yes?

She is French.

The current rate is about one airplane crash every two weeks, measuring all serious accidents to all types of transport jets.

Nobody else knew about it.

In his eyes, she was perfect.

Full body scanners perform a virtual strip search.

He didn't have as much trouble finding a job as he thought he would.

You're wasting precious time.

I'll never learn some things.

Do as you are told, and no answering back.

I am staying with my uncle for the time being, but later I will move to a small apartment.

I move that hanging be abolished.

I asked around, but nobody seemed to have any idea how to fix the problem.

I could keep him company.

John doesn't speak good French.

You are making it worse for yourself.

I won't fly in a plane.